Case Study: Enhancing Manufacturing Resilience with an Early Warning System

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In the dynamic landscape of global manufacturing, a proactive approach to fluctuations is crucial for sustained profitability. This case study delves into how a large global manufacturer successfully navigated challenges posed by inflation and market volatility by implementing an analytics engine. Over a 15-month period, the company not only achieved substantial revenue growth due to price but also realized significant margin expansion, all while enabling agile decision-making. 

Issue Overview

The client, a leading global manufacturer, faced multiple challenges: 

1. Inflation Impact: The company struggled to grasp the precise implications of inflation on its P&L due to inadequate analytics. 

2. Lack of Simulation Tools: Absence of dynamic tools hindered the ability to simulate price changes and foresee potential outcomes in response to market shifts. 

3. Market Monitoring Deficiency: The absence of real-time market monitoring tools limited the company’s ability to react swiftly to changing market dynamics. 

Solution Overview

To address the challenges faced by the client, a leading global manufacturer, we developed an analytics insights engine capable of gathering and refining data from diverse sources such as commodities, systems, freight, and market data. This engine not only collected and cleansed data but also generated multiple viewpoints, aiding in comprehending financial impacts amidst inflation and demand challenges.

Key Features

Data Collection and Refinement: The analytics engine collected and cleansed data while generating multiple viewpoints. 

Cost Allocation and Strategy Development: Facilitating cost allocation and entitlement functionality, the engine supported strategy development with a price evaluator, enabling tracking and execution through market price monitoring. 

Identification of Inflationary Pressures: The analytics engine identified inflationary pressures, encompassing factors such as material costs, labor expenses, overheads, freight charges, and foreign exchange fluctuations at both business unit and country levels. 

Enhanced Decision-Making and Planning: This proactive approach empowered the company to anticipate shifts in the market landscape and make informed decisions, enhancing its ability to plan effectively. 

Granular Analysis and Scenario Modeling: The engine enabled precise cost allocation by conducting granular analyses at the product and SKU level. It also identified opportunities for scenario modeling and conducted what-if analyses, thereby enhancing profitability and providing a strategic edge. 

Price Evaluation and Optimization: The company leveraged the price evaluator feature of the analytics engine to explore various pricing scenarios, facilitating assessments of product and price sensitivity, optimized pricing strategies, and linked pricing decisions to desired outcomes. 

Real-time Market Monitoring: The analytics engine equipped the company with robust market price monitoring tools, delivering real-time insights into industry trends and competitor activities without requiring a multi-year major overhaul of the client’s technology systems. 


Over a span of 15 months, the company realized outstanding results, including a $750 million increase in price through strategic price adjustments coupled with a substantial $350 million expansion in margins and enhanced agility in decision-making, underscored the transformative impact of the RGM engine on the company’s financial performance and operational efficiency. 


The implementation of an analytics engine enabled a global manufacturing giant to navigate complex market dynamics with precision over a 15-month period. By leveraging advanced analytics, simulation tools, and real-time market insights, the client achieved remarkable financial gains, including price increase and margin expansion. Moreover, the engine empowered agile decision-making, underscoring its pivotal role in driving sustainable growth and competitiveness in the global marketplace. 

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