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About Profit Drivers

Profit Drivers was founded in 2023 when our CEO, Scott Green, recognized the need for practitioner-led consultancies committed to delivering value swiftly. With team members who have held senior positions at major global corporations, Profit Drivers is comprised of seasoned practitioners dedicated to propelling your journey towards pricing and margin excellence.

Drawing from over 80 years of collective pricing experience, our team has spearheaded global pricing transformations and crafted pioneering solutions for numerous organizations. By seamlessly integrating expertise, best practices, and advanced technologies, we drive enduring profitability and revenue growth. Our approach is agile and performance-oriented, showcasing our steadfast commitment to delivering tangible value to your enterprise.

At Profit Drivers, we align pricing strategies and solutions with your organizational objectives, leveraging the synergy of people, processes, and tools to foster sustainable growth. As a leading provider of pricing solutions, we empower companies to optimize various aspects of their pricing strategies to deliver tangible and quantifiable outcomes.

Our clients, spanning diverse industries and sizes, benefit from Profit Drivers’ decades-long expertise and proficiency in pricing strategies and solutions. These industry leaders trust Profit Drivers to unlock their financial potential and propel their businesses to unprecedented heights.

Profit Drivers

Our Team


Profit Drivers is headed by our CEO, Scott Green. Scott is a global pricing expert and strategic business leader with over 20 years of strategic pricing experience within Fortune 500 corporations, including over 15 years of leading value-based pricing transformations, and solutions for global companies in oil & gas, consumer goods, and manufacturing industries. At Profit Drivers, he is responsible for all aspects of the firm’s strategy, team, and ensures the delivery of exceptional value to clients.

Profit Drivers

Leadership Team


Kenny serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Profit Drivers, bringing over 30 years of experience in driving transformative change for Fortune 500 global companies and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across diverse sectors. A leading expert in global supply chain transformation, Kenny’s strategic vision has consistently delivered significant improvements in operational efficiency and profitability.

With previous roles as a commercial growth strategist in the Oil & Gas, Services, and Chemicals industries, he possesses deep expertise in connecting commercial pricing and supply chain operations to optimize revenue and profitability. Kenny is a pivotal figure in fostering sustainable business growth, effecting positive change in complex and dynamic environments, and achieving over $1 billion in cost savings to date.


Julia serves as the Chief Financial Officer and Program Executive at Profit Drivers, bringing a wealth of experience in finance, pricing, and corporate strategy to the team. Prior to joining Profit Drivers, Julia held leadership roles at esteemed Fortune 500 organizations, including General Electric (GE) and Stanley Black & Decker (SBD).

During her tenure at SBD, Julia demonstrated her exceptional skills by spearheading a monumental $1 billion Pricing Project, showcasing her ability to drive significant financial outcomes through strategic pricing initiatives. Julia obtained her BA and BS from Indiana University and MBA from Yale. 


Steve serves as the SVP of Solutions and Innovation at Profit Drivers, boasting over 30 years of extensive experience in pricing and solutions consulting. Throughout his career, he has led pricing transformations at notable companies such as Phillips 66 and Medline Industries, demonstrating his ability to drive impactful change and deliver tangible results.

With previous roles as Pricing Lead at PROS and Zilliant, Steve has honed his expertise in leveraging technology to optimize pricing strategies and enhance profitability for businesses. Holding an MBA from the University of Wisconsin and being a Certified Pricing Professional (CPP) further solidifies his proficiency in the field, making him an asset to the Profit Drivers team.


Todd serves as the SVP of Sales at Profit Drivers, bringing over 25 years of comprehensive experience spanning industry, strategy consulting, and optimization software. His background includes Vice President and Director of Pricing roles at renowned companies such as Dell, Trane, and Motorola, where he honed his skills in driving pricing strategies for global corporations.

Todd’s tenure as a Strategy Consultant with top firms like Deloitte and KPMG further solidified his strategic acumen. Additionally, his leadership as a Price Optimization Sales Leader at PROS and Zilliant underscores his proficiency in leveraging advanced technologies to optimize pricing strategies, contributing significantly to revenue growth and profitability.